• Summer in Arosa

  • Picture Perfect
    A three-day stay and photography workshop in collaboration with the renowned Swiss photographer Gian Paul Lozza and famous camera manufacturer Hasselblad.

  • Tschuggen Ice Tea
    Begin your summer with our homemade Ice Tea and get yourself a small piece of the Tschuggen Grand to your home. Temperatures are rising and we are excited about the unique summer in Arosa. To experience what summer tastes like at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel, we would like to share our recipe for our homemade Ice Tea with you.

Unique moments...

Uncomplicated hospitality, award-winning cuisine, superlative spa and wellness facilities, breathtaking views, and the luxury of a private mountain railway - a place of unique moments!

A very warm welcome to the Tschuggen Grand Hotel
Leo Maissen and the Tschuggen Team